Welcome to the Lionshead Lake webpage!  Lionshead Lake is a lake community of over 600 homes located in Wayne, New Jersey.  The Lionshead Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA) was formed on April 10th, 1944.  Lionshead Lake was originally a summer home getaway location for many but over time many home owners enjoyed the area so much they became full time residents.  Now-a-days Lionshead Lake is mostly made up of full time residents.  

      Initially the LLPOA was set up as a voluntary dues membership lake.  In 2019 due to changes in NJ State Law, the LLPOA is conforming with the law and becoming a mandatory paid membership lake.  Members of the Lionshead Lake Community are any properties on: Allwood Terrace, Baywood Terrace, Briarwood Road, Brookdale Road, Claremont Terrace, Dogwood Terrace, Geoffrey Way, Grove Place, Linden Road (up to #237) Lionshead Blvd, Lionshead Drive East/West, Locust Place, Lyncrest Terrace, Maplewood Ave, Orchard Place, Pinecrest Terrace, Redwood Ave, Ridge Place, Sycamore Trail, Tamarack Road, and Woodhaven Drive.  




Lionshead Lake

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